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It is our mission here at Charlton Enterprises to combine our commitment to our highly valued customers, our 45 years of expertise in the development and perfection of the worlds finest and most unique barbeque sauces and the family’s tried and tested cultivation of the tastiest citrus fruits imaginable. We bring to you , ( Our Extended Family ), a product of surpassing excellence! The “ Citrus Barbeque “ Brand of Sauces and Chips are Simply unrivaled by any other manufacturer.

The Charlton family is so committed to our “Citrus Barbeque “ brand of products that we refuse to use anything but the highest qualitiy ingredients known to mankind, so that YOU, our customer can enjoy one of the most unique and satisfying taste ensations to ever delight your palate! The Charlton Family will never settle for anything less than supreme excellence and to have their “ Citrus Barbeque “ brand products enjoyed in every household! We promise your barbeques will never be dull again.


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